We are an online resource devoted to helping our clients make the best decision when buying a Supercritical Co2 extractor. The idea for this site was conceived when the founders were looking for a machine themselves. With hundreds of machines to choose from, it was an overwhelming and daunting process to find the best fit. We looked through many different websites, went to trade shows and talked to countless industry “experts” but the decision still wasn’t clear. Everyone has their own idea of what the “best” machine is but in truth, it really depends on the individual and their needs.

After months of research, we finally decided on a specific machine but we also wanted to share our information. Some people might say we are helping our competition but we actually feel that the further the industry progresses, the better off we ALL our. After years of R&D and communication with the leading manufacturers, we have compiled a comprehensive website of general information and buying guides.

We offer this service at no cost to our clients but we can receive a small commission on machines that we help sell. Please contact us to order a machine or to ask any questions. If you find our site helpful and want to support our cause, please fill out a buying request on our site and we will help you begin the process.

Best of luck and happy extracting!